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By Matt Gentile

Century 21 Market Update

Top-10 Tools for the First-Time Home Owner

Part of Courtney's stash of tools

A ladder and circular saw are two tools I needed when screening in this porch. Image: Courtney Craig for HouseLogic

Friday Five: As Market Heats Up, First-Time Buyers Have to Act Fast

Optimism grows around home ownership, though some first-timers struggle to compete in the housing market. Plus, two senators put forth a bill to encourage more refis.

A new bill offers important baby steps toward helping underwater home owners refinance their mortgages, first-time buyers compete for purchases as markets heat up, Americans are optimistic about housing, and housing starts to tick up. This and more in our Friday Five housing news roundup.

Friday Five: Home Ownership, Still the American Dream

Home ownership dream still alive and well despite some regulatory uncertainty in Congress, including the fate of a short sale tax break.

Five years after the housing bust, voters still embrace home ownership. Plus, the stigma of buying foreclosures fades as more people take advantage of low prices at a time when the mortgage rate is at an all-time low. This and more in our roundup of the week’s top housing headlines.

Friday Five: Housing Markets, Buyers Adjust to New Normal

Home sales rise, foreclosures fall, and the latest national flood insurance deadline looms.

In our Friday Five roundup of top housing news, we look at a return to traditional home sales: With rents on the rise across the country, many are taking advantage of low prices and short sale opportunities to trade in their lease for a mortgage. Also this week, we begin the countdown for national flood insurance reauthorization, which is set to expire at the end of May 2012.

Why Renters are the Next Mortgage Crisis

If you’ve been wondering if you should be renting rather than owning, consider this expert’s view.

Buyers of High-Priced Homes in a Bind

Buyers of High-Priced Homes in a Bind

By Julie Schmit, USA TODAY

Time is short for some buyers and owners of more expensive homes to get the best terms on mortgage loans.

Starting Oct. 1, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will cut the size of loans they buy from lenders. That will force many future borrowers into more expensive and harder-to-get jumbo loans.

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Hits Record Low

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Hits Record Low

Mortgage rates posted mixed results this week, but the benchmark conforming 30-year fixed mortgage rates fell to a record low of 4.41%, according to Bankrate.com. The average 30-year fixed mortgage has an average of 0.43 discount and origination points. The previous record low of 4.42% was set in October and November of 2010.