March 2013

Your Top Home Ownership Tax Questions Answered

There are a lot of home ownership tax benefits — if you don’t forget to take them. To make sure you get your due, HouseLogic asked tax expert Abe Schneier, a senior technical manager with the American Institute of CPAs, for tax-filing tips.

HouseLogic: What’s the most common home-related tax deduction or credit claimed by home owners?

Here’s a Great Way to Clean a Smelly Disposal

Kitchen sink disposal

There are numerous ways to clean a garbage disposal using ordinary household products. Image: Liz Foreman for HouseLogic

How to Teach Your Houseplants to Call You on the Phone

Plant sensor that connects to an app

This Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor tells you what your plants need via your computer or smartphone. All images in this post: Koubachi AG

You Might Face Tax-Filing Delay This Year

Congress’s down-to-the-wire fiscal cliff deal on tax changes, which included some goodies for home owners, has put the IRS behind the eight ball. It’s scrambling to create new tax forms and modify old ones to reflect the tax code changes.

So if you’re raring to collect your due (and you’re eligible to), time to get Zen and sit tight.

In case you missed it, Congress resurrected:

Heloise Shares Hints on Creating a Flu-Free Home


Heloise, who writes the syndicated advice column Hints from Heloise, offers suggestions for keeping your home flu-free. Image: The Home & Remodeling Show

Now-You-See-It, Now-You-Don't Pantry

Space-saving can storage next to refrigerator

Mallory of Classy Clutter fit a rolling pantry in the 6-inch space between her refrigerator and wall. All images in this post: Classy Clutter