November 2012

CENTURY 21® Real Estate Moves Into SimCity Social

CENTURY 21 Returns To The Big Game

Game on! It’s official – the CENTURY 21 brand will be reaching millions of homes live during the big game!

11 Trees You Should Never Plant in Your Yard

11 Trees You Should Never Plant in Your Yard

A Bed That Makes Itself

If unmade beds are a bone of contention in your home, OHEA, a Spanish furniture company, has a solution. They created a bed frame that straightens out pillows and a blanket in only 50 seconds.
When I first heard about this smart bed, my inner child was cheering. Back in the day, my parents nagged us daily to make our beds.
But after a closer look, I realized the OHEA Smart Bed wouldn’t pass muster with my parents.

Do You Wear Your Shoes Inside? And Ask Guests to do the Same?

Creative entryway with shoes on hooks
These home owners hang their shoes from a wall in the entryway — it keeps the place clean and makes for a creative hallway. Image: Erin Quinn

Do You Really Need to Clean Your Air Ducts?

How to Provide Cover for Your Portable Generator During Bad Weather

Lisa's portable generator in a temporary housing

You can't run a portable generator in your house, but you also can't leave it outside unprotected. What to do? Image: All images in this post by Lisa Kaplan Gordon for HouseLogic

Fannie Decides Mom-and-Pop Real Estate Investors Deserve More Credit

Fannie Mae
If your strategy is to buy and rent property as an investment, Fannie Mae has a few thousand homes they’d like to sell you.

Fannie Mae now allows small investors to buy as many as 20 properties — as long as 10 of them are foreclosures. Image: Fannie Mae

6 Household Hacks Inspired by MacGyver

Alka Seltzer by the sink to help  with clogs
Yikes, the drain is clogged! Quick, what would our favorite secret agent do?

Unclog a drain by dropping three Alka-Seltzer tablets down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Image: Liz Foreman for HouseLogic